Running and ED: how sports affect sexual health

Many men who are actively involved in sports or who are just starting to improve their health with it, wonder how jogging affects potency. But there are many subtleties here: the influence of running depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the duration of training, the correctness of the selected pace and many other factors.

With a suitable training scheme and adherence to all the rules, running for potency is very useful, and the first visible results can be seen after a few weeks of regular training.

Why running is useful for men

Regular physical activity has a general strengthening effect on the body of a man at any age. Going in for sports is especially important for those who lead an inactive lifestyle, often stay in one position, because this is what causes stagnant processes in the pelvic organs – one of the most common reasons for a decrease in potency.

The benefits of running for the potency and general health of a man can hardly be overestimated. Experts from ED Means online pharmacy note that this type of physical activity contributes to:

  • acceleration of metabolic processes, removal of toxins and toxins;
  • reducing the percentage of body fat and increasing muscle mass, eliminating excess weight;
  • improving blood circulation and increasing blood flow to the penis, which means increasing the brightness of sensations during sex and orgasm;
  • normalization of the nervous and cardiovascular system;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • improving the quality of sperm and increasing libido;
  • more complete erection, which does not fall off throughout the sexual intercourse;
  • saturation of the body with oxygen at the cellular level;
  • increasing testosterone levels and normalizing the hormonal system;
  • the launch of tissue regeneration processes and the suspension of age-related changes;
  • improving the quality of sleep and getting rid of insomnia;
  • increased endurance.

If you still doubt whether running is useful for potency, then note that this type of load not only positively affects the work of all organs and systems, but also normalizes the emotional and mental state.

Running allows you to switch, not think about problems, relieves the effects of stress and mental fatigue. Also, this type of physical activity increases vitality and mood, gives a man confidence in himself and his own strength.

Why running is dangerous

Unfortunately, running is not always good for potency. In some cases, it can backfire or have a negative effect on the general well-being and health of a man. This is most often due to an incorrectly selected intensity of exercise, a too sharp increase in loads, or the presence of any serious diseases in the body.

In addition, running with frequent and excessively long activities is another danger. They lead to exhaustion of the body, fatigue, deterioration of the nervous, hormonal, cardiovascular system. Intense physical activity also negatively affects the quality of sperm: many deformed sperm appear, their number and mobility will decrease.


Is running good for potency? The answer to this question is unequivocal – yes, but subject to the correct pace of training. For healthy men, regular jogging will help maintain potency until old age.

If you have any erectile dysfunction and decreased libido, running will help improve your health. But in case of health problems, it is necessary to approach their elimination in a complex way – to combine running with taking various drugs or other physical activity.